【K-FRIENDS】Fund raising project for Leader’s and Dung’s Birthday Cakes!


Since MBLAQ will come to Taipei for the K-FRIENDS concert on 8th Oct,

We are going to launch a Fund raising project for buying Cheondung’s and Seungho’s Birthday cakes!

The cakes will give to them along with our other supporting project :)

We will list the donators’ names and your country’s national flag icon on the birthday card!

Moreover, we can also translate your birthday messages for them from English into Korean!

Please support us warmly *^^*

To take part in, Please follow the step as follows~

1. Donate through paypal (in TWD would be good, but USD is ok too! )

  • Our Paypal email: chy328@gmail.com

2. Send a informing email

  • e-mail add: chy328@gmail.com
  • write us your information as follows:

Paypal accout:

Donate amount:

The  name you want to be listed on the card:

If you have messages for them:

Where are you from:

We will reply you as long as we receive the donation!

We will post the photo of the cakes and cards on this blog on 8th Oct! :D

Thank you^0^

  • The donation we received so far

9/24 200;100;15(USD)

9/25 500;500

9/26 500;500

9/27 1000;200;500

9/28 200




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