【K-FRIENDS】Progress of Food Support~*

Hello A+s~How’s it going?^^We have received many A+ godesses’ sponsor in the past two days>///<~Thank you very very much for joining GangsterBLAQ’s B-Day Project for Seungho&Dung !!We are now doing our best preparing for the birthday supports,it’s a very special chance that we can celebrate their b-day together in Taiwan,hope we can make a happy memory for them together*^^*Let’s fight!

For A+ who’d like to join us,please check B-Day Project for Seungho and Dung ,all funds will be use in the b-day support!


Below is our food support progress which are confirmed so far :

  • 20 lunch sets and drinks(MBLAQ、Taiwanese and Korean staffs)Lunch set contents:Red wine beef short ribs、pasta、salad and desert(we will put extra dish “Drunken Chicken" in MBLAQ and Korean staff’s lunch bags…secret._<!)
  • Taiwanese Snack food trunk
  • A bag stuffed with famous products of Taiwan (Sun cake、pineapple pie、 beef and pork jerky、Hualien mochi( Sticky rice cake)…etc.)

(Food for Press Conference is not confirmed yet. )


Moreover…We’ve designed a greeting card and name cards for the food supports~

*Lunchbox name card for J.Tune Camp Staffs(managers and stylist),and the name cards for our combat troops MBLAQ

( ′-`)y-~

*Greeting Card   (plz forgive the poor web cam…my camera is not with me right nowT.T)

p.s:This greeting card is only for the food support!^^Seungho and Dung’s b-day cards will be revealed later~and we promise they will be DAEBAK!!! XD Therefore,join our b-day support balibali~~


that’s for today!with Yang Leader’s lunchbox name card,thank you very much~^^

*God of Yum Yum is coming!!!!!bon appetit♥




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